More time for learning

As is so often the case here, a long weekend of chained-together public holidays has snuck up on me, leaving me without a plan for adventures. Sneaky buggers. Given the rampant profiteering on public holiday travel, it looks like I'm confined to the big city for the duration.

This is wonderful, because it gives me a chance to double down on a promise to Learn More New Things that I made myself back at the start of the year. Never mind that this has been subsequently relegated to nagging voice status, there's still time, just do it, nothing is impossible, etc etc. Thanks Shia.

So, what to learn?

Here's the Saturday morning plan for proceedings:

  • Get cracking with the superb Duolingo French lessons. I've spent a fair amount of time in hammocks with Duolingo's Spanish lessons and the app seems to have improved a lot since then. I'd like to reach the third checkpoint for French, which involves about 30 skill bubbles. I think three hours a day should probably do that.
  • Finish the HTML/CSS and Javascript paths on Code School. Lots of stuff here, which I haven't thought about for years, and plenty of brand new concepts (.js frameworks like Ember and CSS preprocessors are nebulous blobs in my understanding). I'd like to add some Ruby/Rails to that list but to be honest, I don't have a good sense for how long the initial tracks will take. Check with me tonight.
  • Fumble with Python and Dataquest until I can at least remember how to do virtual environments, numpy and ipython again. Ideally, I'd like to finish the Data Analysis track but let's be realistic and admit that's probably unlikely. Check with me on Sunday.
  • I love the idea of one-pan-pasta and chicken under a brick so I'm going to try one of those. No prizes for guessing which is more likely. Nine minutes!
  • It's warm enough to finally get the vibrams out again. I'm going to try a short run using proper barefoot technique.
  • These points are definitely getting shorter and shorter.
  • LERN HOW TO TWET WELL #lolilol
  • Gonna make something resembling Autumn Leaves.
  • That's enough. For now.

I think I'll try for a longer post here in the mornings and a short retrospective at night to keep me focused. Onward!