Here comes the new learning, just like the old learning

A brief update on the LWOL tonight because I think I practiced cocktail measurements a little more than French.

French: I spent a large part of the morning being distracted (look, squirrel) by, another slick language-based start up that happens to offer French as their premiere language. Nice interface, but the "smash grammar in your face until present singulars come out your nose" approach to language learning is probably less for me than charming cartoons of eighties film stars. We'll see, I'll probably play with both until the week is out and see which way the wind blows going forward. Summary: limited progress.

present sg whaaa

Code School: Finished Sass, now taking up a collection to strangle whomever writes their pre-lesson ditties. Sass is beautiful, but feels overkill for anything but large corporate applications. Also the tools for modifying colour in code are neat but felt gimmicky. Does anyone in the real world actually do tinting/saturation changes in code? That's an honest question, I have no idea. Summary: slow, unsteady.

Elsewhere: I found a recipe for scones with three ingredients (SR flour, sugar and coconut milk) that is ballin'. Tried the one pot pasta again to better success. I refactored (hyuk) my Autumn Leaves variation and decided it was probably better as a Manhattan. So I drunk one of those too. Then I got distracted by cover art. Summary: what even am I doing?

Tomorrow: should be better. See you there.