About Dan

Hey, I'm Dan Woods and I love travel, new experiences, and that first sip of coffee in the morning that comes close to convincing you all is right with the world. I'm regularly seduced by the travel bug, and become fixated with journeying to the ends of the earth, stumbling around a place I've never been, and taking the first steps in whichever language I've tried (and failed) to learn in two weeks.

When I find the time, I write here about the shiny, sparkly things that catch my eye. You might enjoy reading about Leschenaultia, trees and rocket-ships, or mobile love.

I was born in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is often referred to as the most isolated capital city in the world and if you look at a map of Australia, you’ll see why. Sandgropers live closer to Jakarta than they do to Sydney, and both of these cities lie some three thousand kilometres distant.

As much as I love the West, it can be suffocating to be that far from, well, everything. I escape when I can, and am currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. The rising star of South-East Asia isn't all about smothering heat, exhaust-choked air, and plates piled with wilted vegetables, red chilli heaped on top, and the ever present fish sauce glistening like the rain-slick streets outside, it’s a city that’s pulling itself rapidly forward, and an exciting place to live.

For three years, I lived in a tiny mountain-side closet of an apartment in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, and in winter the pipes froze and neighbourhood kids threw snowballs at me as I wobbled down the hill on his bike. During my time there, I rode on so many trains I can remember most of the station jingles off by heart.

My favourite type of sushi is Engawa, my favourite sake style Nigori, and my favourite onigiri is that weird one in the corner that I’m not even really sure about. I revel in new tastes and will eat anything once, and have been known to go out of my way to do so. While this is usually a good policy, I'll admit that the crab brains in raw egg did, initially, cause me some consternation.